My partner and I fell in love with Jeff's Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies, Izzie (now Stormy). We immediately contacted out, and communication was a breeze; he addressed all of our questions and responded quickly. The entire procedure was really professional and smooth, especially now that she has been sent. We received a very healthy, happy dog with a wonderful temperament and who has been well socialized! You can see she was raised in a caring family! I'm so glad I found your website because we couldn't be happier!

We could not be happier with Jeff Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies and our new dog! It's a big decision to buy a puppy online and make sure everything is legal, and the talks I had with both Jeff made me feel so much better. He was extremely helpful, informative, and eager to answer all of my questions. We liked that we could get Waffle delivered directly to our home in Boston. She is such a lovely young lady! We also liked the fact that she got her first round of vaccines and is microchipped. We adore her and would suggest this website to anyone seeking for a great Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy!
I am overjoyed with my new child. Lol Koda (previously Lonnie) fits well in with our family. He's 22 weeks old today and is very affectionate, playful, and well-behaved. He's a touch mischievous, which I appreciate. He is very sociable and gregarious, and he never barks at other dogs or humans. He's incredibly easy to train and so fluffy and lovable. lol He's fantastic, and I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies to anyone searching for a little companion. The procedure was quick and easy. They also took care of the shipping.
pembroke welsh corgi puppies virginia
Eulonda Marie Beard
Tedder was his given name, but he is now known as Bowdie. I'd want to thank Jeff and his family for raising such a well-socialized puppy at the little age of 9 weeks when we got him. We've had dogs for almost 30 years, and this is the first puppy who has arrived so well-behaved and socialized. We were smitten with Bowdie from the first photographs we saw and couldn't wait to meet him. The meeting was not disappointing! Cuter than Cute and Happy to be adored with etiquette in place. We live in Vermont, and Bowdie was already happy and relaxed in the outdoors, with no fear of exploring. I definitely suggest this website and the manner in which they handle all of their parents and puppies.
pembroke welsh corgi puppies average price
Kim Levering Fisher
The procedure of obtaining Popper, our puppy, was simpler than I anticipated; after acquiring him, the breeder contacted to thank me and ask if I had any issues. In addition, the delivery service kept me informed of his progress from start to finish.
pembroke welsh corgi puppies in florida
I was extremely pleased with Jeff's sincerity and trustworthiness from the first contact. And, when I made my deposit, I was kept up to date on the status of the process on a daily basis. I'd also like to thank the transportation company for the lengthy travel to Florida and for being patient with me while I went cash shopping! Every time I've been asked where I obtained this great puppy, I've mentioned your company! Cheers!
pembroke welsh corgi puppies in texas
Damien Kent
Macie is a beautiful 5-month-old girl who like people, other dogs, and even cats. She is a great popular in the dog park and loves her when I throw the ball to her. I am definitely going to teach her in agility!
pembroke welsh corgi puppies florida breeders
Elaine Gliko
We adopted a lovely Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy, and he couldn't be more wonderful. We drove to pick him up, and it was well worth the drive. My Corgi Pups was fantastic; they informed me that everything was legitimate, and Jeff was a lovely guy; the transaction was overall smooth.
cute pembroke welsh corgi puppies
John lemelin
Dallas is the name of my Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy. He's such a sweet puppy. He is already toilet-trained. I took him to the vet, and he's great except for ear mites, which he got treated for. I would consider purchasing from this breeder again in the future. I'd like to get Dallas a female companion (not for breeding purposes). My experience has been positive.
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My lovely Sadie Mae has arrived. She is currently an ESA, but she is in the process of becoming a service dog. She is quite well-bred. She is flawless. Her personality is fantastic; she is shy yet extremely intelligent!! She learns quickly and enjoys learning. She is quite daring. She also doesn't require a leash because she instinctively follows me. She is the epitome of a "Velcro dog." She never leaves my side; she enjoys hiking, fetching, swimming, and going to the dog park! She is also protective (when necessary). I wholeheartedly endorse these breeders. Their dogs and puppies are likewise well-cared for.
pembroke welsh corgi puppies sc
Hope Reyes
We are overjoyed with our Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy. Cacy is her name, and she is everything we could have hoped for in a partner. In response, she is loyal, loving, full of energy, attentive, and unconditionally in love with us. We were also happy with the adoption procedure. Their team was excellent at keeping things simple and seamless. On December 2, 2021, she arrived early in the morning (by van stork) and nestled softly into our arms. Juni, our cat, even tolerates her play. Since then, life has been more full of love and laughter. Every day, she brings us joy! Thank you for making this the best decision we could have made in 2021.
pembroke welsh corgi puppies price
Tracy Kelso
We recently adopted our second pet from Jeff, and the entire process was pleasant and simple. Our puppies are happy and healthy, and they have been wonderful additions to our household. I can't think of a better way to spend my time. Thank you very much for my adorable puppies!!!!
pembroke welsh corgi puppies home
Jennifer Ramaekers
My wife and I were hunting for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi when we stumbled across "Jeff Puppies". It was a pleasure doing business with them. They are really knowledgable and eager to assist. You can pay with complete assurance. I can't say enough amazing things about My Pembroke Welsh Corgi Pups, and I would highly suggest them to everyone. Thank you really lot.
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John Meninger
I went to get my new family member, a lovely Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy. Despite the fact that the travel takes roughly 11 hours, I forgot about my exhaustion when I saw the lovely puppy. They're stunning, and the breeder, Jeff, is both professional and friendly. It was a fantastic experience. Thank you, Jeff, for the adorable puppy!
pembroke welsh corgi for sale craigslist
Sunju Park
My partner and I have always wanted a puppy but had no idea where to obtain one. We knew Elon was the one the moment we saw him. We had a lot of questions, and Jeff took sure to answer them all and provide me as much information as he could. The procedure was simple and quick. Thank you very much for bringing our furry friend to us.
pembroke welsh corgis for sale colorado
Esther Rodriguez
We absolutely adore our new pet! Max is a stunning young man who is both a sweetie and a daredevil. We cannot express how grateful we are to Jeff and his family!
difference between welsh and pembroke corgi
Karie Deithorn
Jeff specializes in Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies! I just got a healthy puppy from their Avenger litter. Jeff provides excellent care for each dog. I enjoyed that they took the time to fit the puppy to the needs of our household. We had the opportunity to meet several of their other dogs (Dusty, Brie, and Paris), and they are all very well behaved. Emily has been in touch to see how our son is doing! If you want to be on the waiting list for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy, contact Jeff Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies.
pembroke welsh corgi for sale san diego
If you're looking for a standard Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy, Jeff is the man to go to. They are concerned for their puppies from the moment they are born until they return home. Before I began the process, Jeff spent nearly two hours on the phone with me, addressing all of my concerns about their breeding program. They also demand a questionnaire to be completed in order to verify that all puppies are placed in the best possible home. Jeff took the time to examine each potential puppy's behavior until we chose the appropriate one at about 9 weeks of age. I began receiving images and videos after three weeks. Tate arrived crate and toilet trained, and Jeff accommodated special requirements for particular desensitization activities. She provided everything I needed to pick him up, as well as emergency supplies in case of an accident during our flight. Jeff has stayed in touch and answered all of our new dog questions since we brought him home, and if we are not checking in with him, he is checking in with us! I wholeheartedly endorse Jeff Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies!

corgi welsh pembroke puppies
They're a fantastic, loving family who knows everything there is to know about this breed. They know more than anybody I know about socializing puppies to the sights and sounds of the world, to humans of all ages, and to interactions with those humans. This is why we decided to bring a new puppy into our lives. We have a large number of grandchildren and needed a dog who was "soft" with them. Thanks to Jeff, our pet is great with children. She responds to the terms "soft" and "sweet" even now. Jeff Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies are the best!
pembroke welsh corgi puppy adoption
Jeff Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies are our greatest favorite! From start to end, we had the finest experience getting our dog from them. Jeff is absolutely incredible and was extremely helpful throughout the entire process, from the time I completed my puppy inquiry to the time we got to pick up our precious girl, Gerti. I was really happy with Jeff's responsiveness and helpfulness in addressing all of my questions prior to making a deposit, once we decided to adopt a puppy, and even now. I was worried about flying from California to get our puppy, but Jeff put my mind at rest by providing advice and tips, including a Google sheet with recommended supplies and other advice for adjusting to life with a new puppy. They provided a swag bag with everything we needed for the flight home the day we picked up our dog and took the time to chat to us and answer any questions we had. They advised us exactly what we needed to do once we were at the airport in order to have a successful flight home with our puppy, and our trip home was easy as a result of their advice.Gerti is incredibly kind and affectionate, which I'm sure stems from the Maybe family's love and care for her. Crate training has been quite simple because they began crate training at Jeff before the puppies were placed in their forever homes. I can't express how satisfied I am with the Maybe family and their breeding program for Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies. They are absolutely lovely people that love and care for their dogs and family - we are so grateful to have met them. Gerti is our top favorite and we are so grateful to have her!

pembroke welsh corgi akc breeders
Jeff is the best breeder/family I could have wished for when purchasing a dog. I am so grateful that I chose them for my first puppy! They were really helpful from the minute I contacted them, selected the perfect dog for me, and I can't express how grateful I am to have found them and my puppy! With the opportunity to ship my puppy right to my door, I definitely suggest Jeff!
pembroke welsh corgi puppies nevada
I found Jeff Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies a few months after losing my first Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies to God. Several factors drew me to this breeder, including the high quality and beauty of their Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies, as well as the loving atmosphere in which they are raised! Jeff made the entire process enjoyable when we chose our puppy from one of their previous litters! From answering countless queries to giving us with a list of recommended products and concluding the process with a smooth arrival of our new puppy! I wholeheartedly endorse Jeff Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies as a top-notch breeder!
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Jeff is the best breeder/family I could have asked for when purchasing a puppy. I am so grateful that I chose them for my first puppy! They were really helpful from the minute I contacted them, selected the perfect dog for me, and I can't express how grateful I am to have found them and my puppy! With the opportunity to ship my puppy right to my door, I definitely suggest Jeff!
pembroke welsh corgi puppies florida price
I found Jeff Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies a few months after losing my first Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies God. Several factors drew me to this breeder, including the high quality and beauty of their Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies, as well as the caring atmosphere in which they are grown! Jeff made the entire process of selecting our dog from one of their previous litters enjoyable! From answering countless queries to supplying us with a list of recommended supplies, and finally delivering our new puppy on time! Jeff Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies comes highly recommended by me!
pembroke welsh corgi puppies for sale in california
When I had queries concerning their dogs, Jeff always answered quickly to my texts and phone calls. I already had a female Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy who was 7 years old. I was looking for another Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy to be a good companion for both her and me! Jeff is professional, incredibly informed, accommodating, and really concerned. When I went to pick up my puppy Harper, I was able to meet Jeff and a whole slew of their other dogs and puppies.
Emily has been in touch with me since I brought Harper home to see how she was doing and to offer advise and support. I am quite grateful. Fantastic, trustworthy individuals! Wonderful puppy! Amazing experience! I am truly grateful!!!

pembroke welsh corgi puppies for sale north carolina
Mr. Jeff is more than simply a breeder; he is a family. Everything Jeff does is motivated by their love for these lovely dogs and their desire to raise them as members of their own family before placing them with new homes who will love them just as much. We brought up Jax when he was 9 weeks old, in late January. Traveling to pickup, meeting Jeff, and seeing their wonderful home and puppies was an incredible experience! Everything about the pickup was smooth, considerate, and simple. Jax is our third puppy from the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed. We adore him, and we thank Jeff for introducing him to us!
pembroke welsh corgi puppies georgia akc
I had a great time working with this family to receive our little son! My best buddy got a royal family litter female, and I fell in love and knew we had to have one as well. I saw they had the cheese littler, and when I received a picture of who was available, I knew we had found our pup! Everything went very well, which is exactly what I expected when scheduling the pick-up of a dog. I was driving from Alaska to Puerto Rico (our new home) and stopped to pick up our pet.Jeff had to leave town for an occasion, but she had her family drop Tava down for us, and everything went so perfectly! We adore our puppy, and I wish I could have 100 more just like him!

pembroke welsh corgi breeders georgia
Gilly, my Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy, has been with me for over 6 weeks. She is an excellent addition to our household. Gilly's time with Jeff helped her fall in love with children; she can't seem to get enough of them. Jeff made the process so simple, and she matched me with a puppy who was precisely what I was looking for in a dog. Jeff adores his dogs and the puppies, and he is a wealth of knowledge. It was a hard day traveling and returning home, but seeing Jeff and his lovely family was well worth the effort. I waited a long time to obtain a dog, and I'm very delighted I went with Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies.
pembroke welsh corgi for sale houston tx
We got up Harry from Jeff a few days ago and couldn't be happier! Even after only a few days with our new puppy, we can tell he was raised in a caring atmosphere for his first 9 weeks. Mr. Jeff made certain to provide us with regular updates and was always very communicative after we placed a down payment to reserve the puppy. When they picked up Harry, they not only gave us an emergency kit full of essentials for our travel home, but they also thoroughly explained everything. I would strongly recommend him if you are searching for a new Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy!
pembroke welsh corgi puppies in wisconsin
Hello and welcome to Jeff Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies. It was a joy to meet you and your family. Thank you SO MUCH for my precious Clementine. She's simply adorable! I adore her and try to indulge her as much as possible without jeopardizing her character. ha-ha. She's a delight to have around! She runs so fast and plays so much that it's unavoidable that everyone around her is always smiling.Thank you one more. I am overjoyed and wish you, your family, and your fluffy paws the best from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely!
pembroke welsh corgi puppy images
Judy Owens
Your life will be complete if you are fortunate enough to obtain a dog from Jeff Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies. Everyone has an idea on what a dog should look like, and Jeff Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies will make your dream come reality. My dog is highly intelligent, has a wonderful demeanor, and even in my family who are frightened of dogs adore him. According to Jeff Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies, his pups are bred for personality and temperament. This is correct. The girls at the vet's office see dozens of dogs every day and like this one. He's a huge puppy, housebroken in two weeks, and the most affectionate dog I've ever owned. I can't express how thrilled I am. I've spent my entire life with dogs, and if you can obtain one of this line, you'll be happy and glad you made the proper decision. I consider myself fortunate and blessed, and I would be overjoyed if I won the lotto.

pembroke welsh corgi breeders in oregon
Lisa Nolan
Thank you very much for the present. That was a wonderful touch to an already excellent transaction with you. I will and have suggested people to you because I am constantly receiving compliments on Lola wherever we go. I spent a long time looking for the appropriate breed and then a breeder, and we are extremely pleased with both decisions. Everything was made simple and stress-free by you. We adore Lola, and she always gets the best of everything since she is so gorgeous, smart, and hilarious. She attends dog lessons and puppy playtime. She comes everywhere with us and walks well on a leash. Thank you very much."

pembroke welsh corgi breeders in texas
Hello, Niako is doing fantastically well and is already learning tricks and fetching. Here's a picture of Niako, the big boy who is so adorable and who we adore. I hope you enjoy the image. His markings are all visible. I think he looks lovely.
pembroke welsh corgi breeders in new jersey
Lola is doing well; she went to the vet and was found to be in good health. She is really amusing and playful. She goes into each puppy bed, kicks the puppies out, and then sits down where they were. She has complete authority over the house! She's already getting long and tall. My daughter is seated on the floor, playing with the feather teaser toy.
pembroke welsh corgi for sale in ky
Jane & Mike
He is ideal for me. He has excellent posture. People stop us everywhere and tell me how amazing he is. And he has such a pleasant demeanor! He was licking the vet while getting his staples and vaccinations. I'm really glad I chose him. :)"
pembrokeshire welsh corgi dogs
Amanda Andrews
We wanted to thank you again for being so kind as to offer us Nilah. Words cannot explain how much we adore her! She is a wonderful puppy with a lot of love and enthusiasm to share. Everything you said about her and Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies is correct, and she is a wonderful companion to us! Everything is really appreciated!!! Maintain contact.
pembroke welsh corgi adoption
Alice J
Gemma is just lovely. Everyone who meets her wishes to take her home with them. She has the sweetest disposition yet is as sharp as a whip. She has lovely, healthy hair and is full of enthusiasm. If you're not looking, Little Miss Foodie will steal your food. Thank you very much for looking after her. My veterinarian is impressed by how healthy she is. It was a pleasure speaking with you today. My spouse and I will continue to pray for Butch's full recovery. Let us stay in touch.

pembroke corgi welsh puppies
Brenda and Eric Brown
Hello there, Jeff Pembroke. Welsh Corgi Puppies /I looked for a quality breeder for a long time because I had problems with prior breeders. We are overjoyed with Bumzi. He is intelligent, witty, and a joy to be around. He's four months old, and we started obedience classes this week. The trainer was astounded by his demeanor and how rapidly he learned. He has settled in nicely in a home with a dominant female golden retriever. It was a pleasure to collaborate with them. As with the other reviews, FCD takes the time to answer all of your concerns and provides you confidence in your choice of breeder. Wonderful dog, and he certainly attracts attention. Very adorable
welsh pembroke corgi puppies near me